North Spoon - a Christmas Tree farm experience

Growing up, I would dream with my dad about what our "ranch" might be called one day...we would talk about what if we 'hit it big' and we landed a ranch ( a farm), what would we call this place? One day, without hesitation, my dad looked across the truck as we drove down the gravel driveway to feed our horses, and proclaimed to me he knew exactly what we would call our dream ranch: The North Spoon.

That day, a name was born and a memory was planted within a young man's heart. I'm not sure if my dad was fishing for a title, sufficing the dreams of his son, or dreaming of what might be for himself....but one thing we know: we never forgot the name.

When Olivia and I felt the prompting from the Lord to seek out land, we began praying about what 'this place' would be like and what we hoped for. It wasn't long and we felt this impression in our hearts to consider starting a Christmas Tree farm! There's a cross-story here where another dear family in our community had taken us in as friends and were big fans of Young Life and it's mission. Through the process of watching God provide a small farm for our family, our affinity for raising up Christmas trees and serving our community continued to rise. One day, I discussed this with the late Steve Lockett, and how we felt like whenever they were ready to get out of the Christmas tree business, we would have an interest in getting in! He only encouraged our involvement even more so!

As time went by, and Steve went to be with the Lord, the Lockett family had learned of our desire. They began helping us with resources in the tree business and some quality counsel along the way (still much to learn). The outcome of this long time friendship with our family and the Lockett family at Buttermilk Farms has been deep friendship, shared memories and the onset of The North Spoon Christmas Tree Farm at our home and small farm along with a second location - we are continuing a long tradition of Norway Spruce Christmas trees at Buttermilk Farms! We felt like with the birth of our pipe dream come true, the extension of grace and tidings of joy from the Lockett family, we wanted to honor our friend and mentor, Steve Lockett.

Each year we will open up the Christmas Tree season with 'opening weekend' at Buttermilk Farms for the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving to continue this long line of tradition.

Bare with us as we re-grow some trees and re-establish a presence on that farm.

Grow with us as we develop a new tradition at our home and show you our progress each year as we raise up White Pine, Virginia Pine, and Douglas Fir trees with some Norway Spruces mixed in! During the interim and more than likely over time, we will keep offering fresh cut Fraser Firs from the North Carolina Appalachias!

All are welcome! Come on out for a Christmas Tree Farm experience: hayrides, hot chocolate, bonfires, our farm animals, and certainly Christmas Trees and Christmas wreaths for your family!

Blessings to you and yours!

Andy Ogle

North Spoon Christmas Trees owned & operated by Andy & Olivia Ogle and their family.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Our Farm is closing - our hearts are full

Dear Friends & Customers of North Spoon Christmas Tree Farm,

As the Christmas season approaches, it is with bitter sweetness that we announce to you our family’s changes and consequently…adjustments to your Christmas traditions: NORTH SPOON CHRISTMAS TREE FARM in Lenoir City has closed.

We have a wonderful story to tell as the Lord made it abundantly clear it was our time to follow His lead to Cape Girardeau, MO and work for Young Life in Southeast Missouri. This past spring, we announced our new changes for Andy to become the YL Area Director in Cape and that our family, the Ogle family, would be relocating to Southeast Missouri. You can read that post HERE.

WHAT IS IN STORE FOR NORTH SPOON? We have several ideas:  fundraising opportunities for Young Life, and Christmas celebrations for our neighborhoods or perhaps more Christmas Trees in the future for Cape Girardeau…but, for now, we are trusting the promptings of God and saying good bye to our Loudon County patrons and supporters as we close a wonderful chapter of Christmas Tree farming and hosting so many wonderful people!

We do not know the plans of the family who purchased our farm and cannot speak to their Christmas plans or tree farming story. Buttermilk Farms will continue to create memories for families choosing to cut down Christmas Trees in Thanksgiving weekend this upcoming season – once again there are not as many trees available but plans exist to keep traditions going just a bit longer as that inventory is still there.

We are grateful…we have such fond memories and will always treasure the fun and the future potential you provided us. Thanks be to the Father…We wish you happy searches for your Christmas Tree and your new Christmas traditions.

May the good news of Peace and Wonder ring this Christmas and, in our hearts, always…

Andy & Olivia Ogle

ps - if you are a Whitetail Influence customer & would like to continue purchasing Deer Management products, please reach out to us & we will work with you: 865-315.TREE